[FoRK] [LATimes] Two Caltech pieces: 37% female enrollment, sculpture

Corinna Schultz <corinna.schultz at gmail.com> on Tue Aug 7 12:46:29 PDT 2007

On 8/7/07, Justin Mason <jm at jmason.org> wrote:
> flouridation is a favourite topic of the anti-science "back to nature"
> wingnuts.

I thought that it was a legitimate concern, that it is possible to
ingest too much flouride. IIRC, the science says that flouride is
great when used topically (like in toothpaste and rinses), but has
very little effect ingested (except, I suppose for the instant that
the water contacts your teeth).

Again, iirc, the studies which compared towns with naturally
flouridated water with other towns were flawed.

Diet, the presence of a particular bacteria in your mouth, and general
hygiene habits play a much larger role in dental health. Personally
I'm wary of ingesting random chemicals...

(Maybe I'm biased -- I used midwives, I breastfed my kids for a long
time, I delayed their immunizations, and practiced NFP birth control
for 14 years. Oh, and my kids are vegetarian, and I don't think I'm a
nut of any kind; I think I'm pretty rational :)  )

I'm always happy to reconsider my positions if exposed to better
evidence, etc, etc


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