[FoRK] [LATimes] Two Caltech pieces: 37% female enrollment, sculpture

Kevin Elliott <k-elliott at wiu.edu> on Tue Aug 7 12:46:49 PDT 2007

>> Rohit Khare wrote on 8/6/2007 1:45 PM:
>>> And the general population of college students is now 57%  
>>> female ?! Boy,
>>> boys are falling out of favor -- I thought the differential was a  
>>> few
>>> points, not 14! -- RK

I wonder how much of this isn't due to a bell curve effect.  I  
remember reading some research somewhere that argued that the shape  
of the performance bell curve was different for men and women.  The  
male bell curve was wider and thinner, while the female bell curve  
was narrower and higher in the center.  So men tended to exhibit more  
criminal and more "geniuses", but women were "better" overall.

In this scenario, you'd expect more women in college than men....

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