[FoRK] [LATimes] Two Caltech pieces: 37% female enrollment, sculpture

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue Aug 7 21:05:30 PDT 2007

Tom Higgins wrote:
> ...
> - And let us not forget this trend...Intelligence is being devalued in this
> country. The Gama's are pushing a great little big tent campaign to show big
> brained Alpha/Betas as being not so cool. Trend again...the End Of
> Smarts....its cooler now to fall on the ground and weep that the spirit has
> moved you to understand that Inteligent Design is the real deal than it is
> to study up a point with facts and defendable scientific methodology.   "we
> dont need no smarty pants making us feel dumberz, we will just import some
> brainiacs on temporary visas and they can go home when they done did what
> needs doin."
This is what needs fixing now.  Our culture of dumpth is sad.  At least 
there are a few shows (Bones, Eureka, Numbers, heck, even Harry Potter) 
that highlight the fun and power of knowledge and wits.

Wow, have I got a book idea.  I must scurry off and outline it.

> points
> -tomhggin

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