[FoRK] Einstein didn't drop out of school (was: Breaking with the Trend)

Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> on Wed Aug 8 15:35:46 PDT 2007

"B.K. DeLong" <bkdelong at pobox.com>:
>I wonder where Einstein would have ended up. He dropped out from high 

Not really. It's true that Einstein left a high school. After his
father's business failed, and the rest of the family moved to Italy,
leaving Albert in Munich to finish school, he didn't like things,
left that school, and moved to Italy. Young Albert, then 16, tried
to enroll in a Swiss university, ETH Zurich, without a high school
degree. He did not pass the entrance exam required for that. So it
was off to a Swiss high school, from which he graduated, then
enrolling in ETH, where he successfully took a math degree.

Many people switch schools. When they then finish their degree, at
the usual age, it distorts things a bit to say that they dropped out
of school. With Einstein, there are all sorts of apocryphal stories
about his childhood and education, to make his genius seem all that
more miraculous. But the truth is that he was a good student who
developed an early interest in math and physics.

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