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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Fri Aug 10 12:39:17 PDT 2007

Corinna Schultz wrote:
> ...
> And yeah, I figure since I'm already ingesting random chemicals, why
> do it on purpose :)  A not-entirely-consistent position, to be sure,
> since I do use caffeine and alcohol on occasion, and painkillers (but
> only if I really really need it, like when I sprained my ankle). Both
> my kids were born without drugs, for example. Somehow, the sprained
> ankle was worse than labor, go figure. :)
I generally have this attitude, and, for instance, only have caffeine in 
soda if I'm sleep deprived.  (I never drank coffee or tea, although I 
tolerate tea socially.)  It's also why I didn't realize that, for me, 
aspirin==ipecac until mid-30s.

However, after mini-med school, I strongly believe in 
anti-inflammatories, up to your digestive system's ability to withstand 
the extra acid effect it causes.  Good anti-osteoporosis drugs are also 

Inflammation, up to and including arthritis, is highly likely to be 
self-reinforcing and to not really have any persistent root cause other 
than you are already inflamed.  It can start from an infection or even 
just over-exercise and then become self-reinforcing.  Catching it early 
can make it go away permanently.  Excema and rosatia are similar: Elidel 
is amazing stuff.
> (and as an aside, if you're young and healthy, birthing complications
> are rare, and can usually be predicted ahead of time, or early enough
> to get you to a hospital. There's always a backup doctor on standby if
> they're needed. A midwife can handle some emergencies like excessive
> bleeding after delivery, which happened to me in my first birth. I
> probably would have died without pitocin. Since I'm approaching that
> magic age of 35, when statistically your chances of horrible things
> happening seems to skyrocket, I'd probably opt for a midwife in the
> hospital kind of situation if I were to have another child. I'm just
> glad that we have the ability to make these kinds of choices.)
Anything within a minute of a competent doctor in a competent hospital 
is reasonable I think.
Heck, hatch in a minivan in the parking lot if you want to.  ;-) 

Assuming you can get past the triage nurse and admissions weenies in a 
hurry when needed.  We once waited patiently with a 3 year old with an 
obvious major ulna fracture, right next to the growth plate, for an hour 
before the attending took one look, had a fit about us waiting, and sent 
us to the children's hospital stat...

> -Corinna

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