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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Sat Aug 11 22:06:54 PDT 2007

I haven't started digitizing my books, but it sounds pretty attractive.  
I may be too sentimental for the physical bits.  How do you guillotine 
reliably and quickly?

It is certainly legal to scan your own book.  I haven't heard of any 
challenges although sometimes I see prohibitions against digital forms, 
etc.  It seems like it would be legal to share scans of books with other 
people that have the same physical book.  Sure, it would have challenges 
if it became widespread, but hard to show that it isn't within fair 
use.  Doing that properly, even if informal, would be great.

In any case, the best deal and performance for an auto feeding, double 
sided, great software bundled (both scanner app. and bundled, automatic 
compress to PDF with background OCR) is the Fujitsu ScanSnap.  It comes 
with a full version of Adobe PDF.  The only flaw is that you must use 
their scan and manage application due to non-standard Windows and Mac 
drivers, however the application is pretty good.

That scanner scans to bitonal PDF at 18 double-sided pages per minute.  
It can also due three levels of color scans to PDF.  It runs about $400 
and, when I bought it at the end of last year, had a good rebate.

I scan every single piece of mail, rebate, business card, receipt, etc. 
before it goes anywhere.  Combined with Google Desktop Search, I can 
find personal paperwork about 90% of the time in 5 seconds.  Instead of 
filing paperwork, I throw it in a box pending disposal.



Jef Allbright wrote:
> On 8/11/07, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 11, 2007 at 10:59:06AM -0700, Jef Allbright wrote:
>>> Just another reason why I keep all my books in digital form.  Even
>> In absence of real tablet PC it's not really practical.
> On my Vaio tx-series notebook the display is quite adequate, and for
> text-only my Palm Tungsten is much nicer than holding a book
> (especially in bed), and on a 1GB memory card I can store a heap o'
> books.
>>> accounting for the half hour I spent on this particular book (in
>>> addition to scanning and OCRing) to type all the section headings as
>>> PDF bookmarks.
>> What kind of scanners do you use? I was looking at Plustek OpticBook 3600,
>> which is some 250 EUR. Given that I consider a Brother MFC-7820 lavish
>> (325 EUR, and it's a networked printer/scanner/fax/copier) it's a lot
>> of dough. Also, I've used some batch OCR, and I'm not entirely overwhelmed
>> by the quality.
> My situation is that I used to have easy access to a multi k$
> corporate scanner, but for the last year I've had only a recent
> vintage HP (can't remember the model ATM, and I'm on the road) in the
> $500 range.  Used to be able to cut the spine, load a book, and walk
> away and a half hour later have an OCRd PDF.  Now, a couple of hours
> (min) manually clearing jams and restarting -- if I were masochistic
> and time-wealthy enough to proceed.
>>> It's nice having one's personal library available wherever one goes,
>>> as well as the conveniences of search, annotation, self-illuminating
>>> "pages", etc.
>> Are you one of these spine-guillotineers?
> I used to obtain a book and typically on that same day I'd guillotine
> it, scan it and throw away the carcass.  Much more convenient for the
> mobile lifestyle.
> - Jef
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