[FoRK] KM to the people! Book lifecycle management?!

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Sun Aug 12 17:47:34 PDT 2007

>rate of acquisition 
>     ..... 
>Victor Vinge shredder / copier / decent OCR combo device... 
Are you knocking the indecent combo devices out there?  Just because you have not tried a combo 
color laser printer
pre-chewed vegetable warmer
drum scanner
blood-baobab tap
bluetooth relay?  The Real Eldritch Masters of Steve Jobs will not wait forever for these things. 

Just request stuff on rewritable media. The printer'll be thrilled to save costs, they have keyed IP equipment anyhow, and the flash/mram people will give you a great big hug....  Just go to the (half-height) SalmonBox at a McDonalds to trade out paper conference proceedings and tabloid-size stuff for DjVu files...and get an xD reader with an indexer and fingerprint junk.
1600 lpi color e-paperish displays are going to come as soon as you can make the Apex/intaglio-mems/chemical-engineer-,-usability-and-supplyline-wizard thing happen (+17mos.)

>Also, agreed w/ Eugen on the lack of ideal reading devices. 
Oh Brain!  You've finally agreed to have a look through my improved dental probes!
What about just the programs? Do you rip the plugins out of Acrobat and flip freely with easy context through technical documents, or perhaps use another reader. The one that comes with AutoCAD (13) is (was) pretty agile....  Is 4GiB holding up as enough for a laptop where you are?

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