[FoRK] Agreeing to agree

Steve Nordquist <saigua at sbcglobal.net> on Fri Aug 24 00:55:50 PDT 2007

>From the Robin Hanson/Tyler Cohen on 'Are Disagreements Honest?' {i.e. they predominate, no resolution language pattern is suffered, so how could they?} I like to conclude that no conversation has ever completed, Cromwellites having come close enough to inspire dread.

>Value is highly subjective.

Unless you...you know, agree on its terms.  On that measure, and on the nice question in the Democratic N'l Debate (IA) on whether they would pray to avert a national disaster, they all seem to agree and; as they all would pray and say that it would not affect the disaster, all wrong.  Or perhaps I missed the claim that disasters would continue like clockwork under the X administration.

...Rational people find it easier to buy with Complex Currency.
[Fade in to Pacino, choppy sky matte:] People just pull an AMEX. [Spits red-cooked calamari into distance]
Use [palms a yellow sedan trunk open; it works] a bunch of THIS and THIS! [photomosaic and vector-blob-out a go-go]
Unless you're buying merry-go-round tickets.
[buys merry-go-round tickets.]

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