Sony Reader for sale, and thoughts on e-books was Re: [FoRK] Gibson's Spook Country

Ian Andrew Bell <hello at> on Thu Aug 30 13:40:23 PDT 2007

Needs to be connected.  PDAs were pointless devices until they could  
make phone calls.  Readers are pointless until they can download books.

At $75 or even $100, a wireless, connected e-reader would be a more  
significant boon to Education than a $300 gutless web-browsing notebook.


On 30-Aug-07, at 1:17 PM, Ken Meltsner wrote:

> The Reader is quite limited, although the community is starting to
> create good tools, such as a PDF to Reader converter that's
> substantially better than Sony's.  The battery life is great because
> you can bring it on a trip and not have to worry about recharging it
> on the road.  At $60, it's a steal (esp. with the $50 book credit) --
> I figured I could always give it to my older son so he could skip
> buying classic novels for his literature classes.
> If money were no object, I'd look at:
> The iLiad is (somewhat) open source, has a bigger/better display,
> includes wifi, etc.  Much, much closer to my dream ebook reader.  It's
> really a PDA/Web pad with an eink display -- the display is fast
> enough that you can use it to take notes, fill in crosswords, etc.  In
> contrast, the Sony Reader does just one thing, although it does it
> pretty well.
> It's also $700.   If it had been $400, I might have bought it instead
> of the Reader, even with the Reader at the discounted price.
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