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Ian Andrew Bell <hello at> on Thu Aug 30 16:02:53 PDT 2007

I still view them as fundamentally different tools.  There's always a  
tendency to over-feature these things, as though adding more makes  
them more valuable.  The e-Book needs to be as much about form as  
function, and notebooks, with their keyboards, are simply the wrong  
weight and form factor for kids to lug around day-to-day.


On 30-Aug-07, at 1:53 PM, Luis Villa wrote:

> On 8/30/07, Ian Andrew Bell <hello at> wrote:
>> Needs to be connected.  PDAs were pointless devices until they could
>> make phone calls.  Readers are pointless until they can download  
>> books.
>> At $75 or even $100, a wireless, connected e-reader would be a more
>> significant boon to Education than a $300 gutless web-browsing  
>> notebook.
> One of the cooler bits of the OLPC (aka MIT $100 laptop) is the
> black-and-white low power book reader mode. The plan is (in part) to
> convince countries to fund the laptop by completely gutting their
> schoolbook budgets.
> Luis
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