[FoRK] PDAs (was: Sony Reader for sale, and thoughts on e-books)

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri Aug 31 09:08:12 PDT 2007

On 8/30/07, Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com>:
> >PDAs were pointless devices until they could make phone calls.
> Hardly.

I have to chime in here and  add my PDA Rocketh  vote.

Cell phone stuff I am not that much in need for, You make a call you get a
call...yea so there it is. A PDA though..oh let me count the ways....My Palm
Lifedrive is an email reader, web browser, irc client, online GO client and
game reviewer, book reader, mp3/ogg player, divx/avi/mp4 player, voip
calling [1]  and otherly apps running beast that fits in my go bag or big

If I had a plam that made cell calls I would be stuck with one of three or
four shitty cell contracts that I do not want to shell out for now. My
Virgin dealio is still working out nice though i suspect the balance of
worth will shift once I am back in the job force. Still an est 10 bucks a
month vs a minimum 60 bucks a month is still the equation to factor.

A recent addition to the gizmo gaggle has the potential to do some of what
the Lifedrive does as well, though i have to wait for he delivery of my
"homebrew" slot 1 card to test this idea out for myself. Yes for our 7th
wedding anniversary I got Dawn and I matching special Brian Age edition
black and red Nintendo DS lites. (
http://www.brainage.com/launch/index.jsp) We both love puzzle games,
we both play Brain Academy on the wii at least
3 nights a week and I have been jonesing for one of these just to muck wih
the wifi aspect...so Happy Anniversary to us...its nice having a wife with a
fair amount of geekness...i have heard from others that such a gift would
have prevented there being a number 8.

The other device that has caught my eye is the N800. Skype makes it a big
deal for me as one of the reasons my cell costs are so low is the big S.
Heck even when I am home I use Skype about as much as I do the land line,
which is Vonage's 15$ a month plan. If Palm or the DS got Skype I would be
very very happy.

So there it be, PDAs far from being pointless are far more of what you need
in your pocketsees than nasty stinkin single use cell phone, Of course when
the Dopler effect takes hold we will all have the ability to make voip and
cell calls by clicking our jaw muscle a certian way and sub vocalizing.

[1] I found an app called Articulation (
http://www.hamptonsoftware.co.uk/articulation/index.php )  that cane deal
with real voip.  I have it rigged up to hit my FWD account and it works
great, except to make calls to the POTS universe I need to remember a
lengthy calling card 800 number sequence...oi.


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