[FoRK] how do you sell a used gun?

Kevin Elliott <k-elliott at wiu.edu> on Sun Sep 2 11:08:49 PDT 2007

Many pawn shops handle guns.  The process for buying is exactly the  
same as any other gun purchase (background check, etc.).  They don't  
always like to buy guns, however, since it's not really their  
business.  Many gun shops also do consignments, and will often give  
advice on pricing.  Seller beware- nothing prevents them from low  
balling you on value, and screwing you.  Background checks are all  
standard in those scenarios.

It is legal to sell person to person, but I wouldn't bother.  Ignoring  
any moral issues, I don't think you'll get at much.  If you send  
pictures I can probably figure out what you've got, identify, and give  
you a gut appraisal.

Two notes:
-if you think the gun may have been involved, talk to the police.
-unless you are CERTAIN the gun is unloaded, handle with EXTREME  
care.  Many people have poor mental models of how guns work, and  
that's how accidents happen.  If you think it may be loaded, here's my  
suggestion.  Call a gun shop and explain your situation.  If they  
aren't friendly, or interested in helping you, call somewhere else.   
Most gun shops are very friendly and helpful, and would be more than  
willing than to help.  You could do them same thing with the police,  
but I wouldn't recommend it.  Most police officers are ignorant of  
guns, and loaded guns are bad things to educate yourself on.


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On Sep 2, 2007, at 8:17 AM, "Corinna Schultz"  
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> I'm sure the laws vary from state to state, but since I've never owned
> a gun I have no idea how to think about this. Here's the situation:
> Among other problems we had with these people, one of our tenants just
> happened to be a drug dealer. (Plus they damaged the new laminate
> floor! grr!). Our on-site manager said that the police were watching
> them, and told them they had to leave. Engaging in illegal activity
> would have been a violation of our lease anyway, so this saves us from
> having to evict.
> Texas law says that if a property has been abandoned then the landlord
> can take the tenants' posessions. I don't know for sure if they have a
> gun, or what kind. But I kind of want to be prepared should I need to
> dispose of it in some way.
> Sop how do you get rid of a gun in Texas? Can you just put a
> classified ad? Go to a pawn shop? Give it to the police?
> Is it even ethical to try to sell a gun when there's a reasonable
> possibility that it will be used for nefarious purposes?
> -Corinna
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