[FoRK] how do you sell a used gun?

Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> on Mon Sep 3 07:52:12 PDT 2007

"Reza B'Far" <reza at voicegenesis.com>:
>If they don't take it, why don't you just throw it away in a deep body of 
>water?  Eventually, Guns are used to kill, right?

See, Corinna, there's the solution. Have your manager drive it up
to Corpus Christi. We'll be on the boat the weekend of the 13th.
I'll take it from there. If it is a useless piece of crap, I'll
chuck it into the bay. If it is a decent pistol, I'll make sure it
gets used for nothing but target shooting.

Everyone will be happy. ;-)

My own bet is that this is a lot of spilled ink over a gun that
doesn't even exist.

Share your special parenting moments! 

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