[FoRK] how do you sell a used gun?

Kevin Elliott <k-elliott at wiu.edu> on Tue Sep 4 11:55:31 PDT 2007

On Sep 3, 2007, at 12:04 PM, Corinna Schultz wrote:
> Call me prejudiced, but my impression of the valley and its
> inhabitants is that there's a high probablity of a criminal of one
> sort or another (gang, drug dealer, illegal, etc) shopping for a good
> deal on a weapon by looking in the classified or in a pawn shop.

*sigh*.  Major pet peeve here.  I've bought a number of guns through  
pawn shops.  Pawn shops that sell guns are gun dealers.  They operate  
under exactly the same laws.  I've personally watched them turn away  
straw purchasers (it was very common in Nevada to have people cross  
the mountains from CA and have other people try and buy guns on their  
behalf).  The forms are identical, and the background check is  
identical.  If I'm a criminal, it is EXACTLY as hard to buy a gun  
from a pawn shop as it is from a "dealer".  Pawn shops seem to catch  
a lot of flak about this, and I think they're getting picked on  
because it's easy and plays to the seedy stereotype.  They don't  
deserve it.

Obviously classified ads are different, but in my experience every  
gun for sale in the classified was either a large shotgun for bird  
shooting or a bolt action hunting rifle.  Not exactly a hot bed of  
criminal activity.

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