[FoRK] The Mac Nano lives!!!

Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> on Wed Sep 5 16:46:09 PDT 2007

The iPhone, minus the $1,920-$3,720 fee for AT&T phone that won't work 
in my house or at my work anyway. I'm in WiFi 24/7 minus a couple 
minutes of commuting when I'm busy dodging Mexican drivers and old 
people on 280 (oh how I wish wasn't).


It should have 3rd party apps in about 24 hours. Soon as the 
NSA-enhanced version of VoIP runs on it, I'm buying one. It _is_ missing 
the camera, but I have one of those, and on the iPhone it's facing the 
wrong way for video conferencing anyway - oops. Should have an audio-in 
hack soon too, since that's going to be critical.

However... this device does something I hope the media "gets". It makes 
crystal clear that phone service is costing you $1,820-$3720 over 2 
years when VoIP would work just as well for most people.

Adam L. Beberg

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