[FoRK] The Mac Nano lives!!!

Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com> on Wed Sep 5 23:23:53 PDT 2007

On 5-Sep-07, at 6:32 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> On Sep 5, 2007, at 8:01 PM, Tom Higgins wrote:
>> On 9/5/07, Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> wrote:
>>> However... this device does something I hope the media "gets". It  
>>> makes
>>> crystal clear that phone service is costing you $1,820-$3720 over 2
>>> years when VoIP would work just as well for most people.
>> The n800 looks good for this as well, Palm would do well to sell  
>> its soul
>> and get skype ported.
> I heard that was in the pipe over a year ago;  I've had a 770 for a  
> while now, and been relatively pleased.  But it's no iPhone, I'll  
> tell you that right now.

NOKIA tried to get Skype to work on it with them, but all of these  
projects die on the vine because the stack requirements to run Skype  
on small devices are killer on CPU, bandwidth, and battery.  The best  
way to do this is to make the client a relatively low-footprint  
remote control for a Skype gateway in the sky, but Skype folks  
continually miss the point that telecom services are all essentially  
client-server.   Any way you slice it, people expect their services  
to be "always on" even when their phone (or whatever) isn't.   Skype  
don't have very many real telecom people on staff, and they resist  
this type of thinking reflexively.  it's their major achilles heel,  
and a big reason why I no longer take them seriously as a  
communications player.

Skype on an n800 should really look like a remote control for your  
Skype presence agent in the sky... unfortunately Skype itself has no  
such capability so all these mobile Skype projects (and I should  
know!) have died on the vine.


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