[FoRK] Well this can't be good.

Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> on Sat Sep 8 16:26:35 PDT 2007

Russell Turpin wrote on 9/8/2007 1:31 PM:
> Uh, Adam. I know we affectionately kid you for being the list
> pessimist. But don't you think posting an article from Wingnut
> Daily, written by Jerome Corsi, goes beyond the normal tin foil
> hat a geek might wear, and into the land of, well, the truly
> deranged?

Of course he's a nutter, but the North American Union thing isn't a 
secret anymore. Everyone knows that North America doesn't stand much of 
a chance in the global economy without Mexicans to mirror the vast 
underclass that fuels Asia and Europe, the vast drug fortunes will help too.

And it's not like American kids are going to stop surfing MySpace and go 
cut lawns, or clean up offices, or pick food, or anything else that 
keeps civilization going... yea right.

Adam L. Beberg

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