[FoRK] Google Video

Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> on Sun Sep 9 13:57:14 PDT 2007

I went to Google video for the first time in about a month. It looks 
like Google is doing a much better job of filtering out copyrighted 
content in their top-100. But now it's all videos of half/all naked 
women. Oh there is a fart-on-fire at #17, and a music video at #33 (with 
almost-naked women), a cartoon or two (copyright of course) on the list, 
but basically it's all porn.

Now, that's probably a logical expectation once you remove the copyright 
violations, but... How the hell are they pitching this to the advertisers?

Google: "So your brand will appear next to either a naked woman, or 
underage girls dancing and stripping. The underage ones are extra since 
that's the youth demographic."

Disney: "We've got plenty of naked picture problems right now, so lets 
go with some of the older stuff."

Something like that?

YouTube still looks like a mix of copyright violation and clearly SEO'd 
results to draw people to view their Google ads (no irony lost), so no 
way to know what's actually popular there.

It's going to be fun watching Google try and work this one out. Maybe 
they should just start buying the porn companies. Highly profitable and 
clearly where they are headed. Their search engine results are already 
pimped out to the highest bidder, so they won't feel too violated, and 
it's good for the shareholders.

Kinda amusing to watch money corrupt something so completely.
<mr_burns> Excellent </mr_burns>

Adam L. Beberg

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