[FoRK] Nice Lookin' At Ya, FoRK

B.K. DeLong <bkdelong at pobox.com> on Tue Sep 11 14:32:24 PDT 2007

I did it by hand - a while ago; almost 2-3 years at this point. I got
a bit jaded by how long it was taking by FOAF to really take off and,
unfortunately, I don't have the programming skills to do it myself.

So I sit back and ruminate on all the things that should happen hoping
I can link up with someone with the programming skills and enthusiasm
to implement it. It's not fair for me to bitch otherwise :)

On 9/11/07, Paul Jimenez <pj at place.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007, "B.K. DeLong" writes:
> >
> >No one else seems to be getting it right.
> >
> > [...]
> >
> >FOAF:
> >http://foaf.brain-stream.org
> What'd you use to generate your FOAF entry?  Is it automated?  Do you
> know of a good FOAF browser?  I think Getting It Right probably relies
> on good answers to those questions (along with others, like access control
> based on information culled from FOAF networks and OpenID).
>   --pj

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