[FoRK] The Grand Pageant of Spin

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Thu Sep 13 20:12:12 PDT 2007

Many on the right, and maybe left although I can't think of an instance 
quickly, confuse "equal under the law" and free speech rights with 
"everyone's opinion deserves equal respect".  Teenagers often make this 
mistake: you have your opinion, and not only am I entitled to mine but 
I'm entitled to insist that mine is as right as yours.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and to free speech, but don't for 
a second think that there is any automatic respect of the actual 
content.  The side that has actual facts wins the real respect battle.


Tom Higgins wrote:
> to rip a page from the rednecks...
> You might be a rightleaing wingnut if
>   ...... you think bringing back 30k troops placed in the field temporarily
> is called a troop reduction
>   ...... you actually think the citizens of Iraq are better off after our
> years of occupation
>   ...... you can hold in your head the stats and recommendations set for by
> General Betrayus in one breath and then buy his answers to questions of
> "whats the big picture in the region" with "thats not my bailiwick"
>   ..... you call democrats for playing politics with an occupation founded
> on out right lies to the UN and american people by the current
> administration
>   ..... you uttered the words "four more years" during the last election
>   ..... you are still sure those WMDs are right around the corner, maybe in
> Iran where the magic unicorns from rocky candy mountain went and hid them
> once they knew the righteous jesus loving forces of America were heading to
> Iraq .."hey charlie..come help us move wmds..yeaaaaah"
>   .... you listened to more than 2 hours of the General's statements and
> thought..."we got us there a candidate"
> I'm sure there are more and better than these, this is just the mental
> effluvium of my post diapy changing mindset.
> -tom("lets reassess in march 08") higgins
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