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Clever idea and service.

Sprint Rolls Femtocells in North America Print E-mail
By Doug Mohney

Less than two weeks ago at the Fixed-Mobile Convergence in Chicago, 
Sprint (www.sprint.com) representatives said the company would make a 
femtocell announcement by “the end of the year.” It came yesterday.

Customers in “select areas” of Denver and Indianapolis will get first 
crack at Sprint’s AIRAVE femtocell, the first deployment in North 
America. A femtocell is a compact base station that works with a 
cellular phone and a broadband connection to provide enhanced in-home 
wireless coverage, with the backhaul provided by a standard broadband 

AIRAVE hardware is being built/provided by Samsung while Sprint is 
providing a service bundle with the device that includes unlimited home 
calling (presumably routed through the AIRAVE) in exchange for $15 per 
month for individuals and $30 per month for families, in addition to a 
customer’s regular wireless voice plan. The hardware is available at 
area Sprint stores and will list at $49.99, but rebates are likely to be 
available. Wire reports say the femtocell will support up to three voice 
calls at once.

Sprint plans to offer AIRAVE later this year to customers in the 
remainder of Denver and Indianapolis, along with Nashville, and to 
customers nationwide in 2008.

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