[FoRK] Re: An armed society... (freakin' Canada.)

zuzu <sean.zuzu at gmail.com> on Thu Sep 20 10:22:53 PDT 2007

On 9/20/07, Kevin Elliott <k-elliott at wiu.edu> wrote:
> On Sep 20, 2007, at 8:58:43AM, zuzu wrote:
> > farmers in agriculturally socialized nations (including the USA) are
> > paid by the government to let their food rot in an attempt to keep
> > food prices artificially high.
> Yes.  I here by and for forever state the following: All tariffs and
> subsidies are bad.  The USA and all other countries should
> unilaterally end them.  They make everyone poorer.
> > people are still starving on this planet largely to preserve the
> > mythos of "the family farm" in modern nation-states.
> Sorry, I don't buy that.  Subsidies make the rest of the world
> poorer- they make in impossible for very poor countries who might
> otherwise be able to export some of their food to the rich western
> world, and they cost the western world money because, well, the
> subsidy money has to come from somewhere.

I don't think we're disagreeing.  but the pitch for subsidies isn't
"let's make everyone poorer!", farm subsidies happen because people
are convinced of a mythology of "farm life".

> But I COMPLETELY reject the idea that people are starving in the
> world because of a lack of available food.  The facts simply don't
> support that idea.
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