[FoRK] Re: An armed society... (freakin' Canada.)

Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com> on Thu Sep 20 11:31:26 PDT 2007

On 20-Sep-07, at 10:06 AM, Kevin Elliott wrote:

> On Sep 20, 2007, at 8:36:27AM, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
>> ~165,000 people die EVERY DAY of hunger on this planet.  How can  
>> anyone describe it as a land of plenty?
> That's easy.  I don't believe those people died because their isn't  
> enough food.  Those people died because the situation they're in  
> prevented them from getting food.  I also don't believe that that  
> situation is the western worlds "fault".  The 3rd world has a boot  
> on their neck of awful, corrupt, evil government that is preventing  
> them from achieving the growth that would get them out of the  
> sinkhole they're in.

Yes, and that boot is conspicuously of the same size as that of the  
World Bank and IMF.  Not the Western World's fault?  How many famines  
were there in Africa before we showed up and forced nomadic peoples  
to stop moving around (by drawing arbitrary borders) and to live  
sedentary lifestyles, farming (or trying to) and fucking instead of  
hunting and thriving?

Somehow they lived there for fucking millenia without slaughtering  
one another, without enhancing desertification, and without starving  
to death.  Maybe they have something to teach us, for a change?

> Certainly the western world can and should do more to help, but I  
> think the evidence is overwhelming that pouring buckets of money  
> into Africa won't make them better off.

Who advocated that?

> If your standing next to a big pile of food, and the thing  
> preventing you from getting to that food is an evil man with a gun,  
> your problem is not "shortage of food" but a "surplus of evil men".

If you're gorging yourself on every natural resource available,  
piling up debt (both financial and environmental) and then proudly  
broadcasting images of your decadence all over the world in Movies,  
TV reruns, and MySpace DON'T be shocked to hear that other people  
want it too.

The problem is that the earth cannot sustain that particular level of  
consumption by 6 billion people.

You SHIT more in one sitting than most of these people eat in a  
month, and yet you expect them to be placated with a fucking bag of  
wheat proudly labeled "PRODUCT of USA", air-dropped from a C-130.   
Nice job!  Glad you feel better!  Plentiful indeed!


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