[FoRK] Re: An armed society... (freakin' Canada.)

Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> on Thu Sep 20 13:15:34 PDT 2007

On Thu, Sep 20, 2007 at 08:36:27AM -0700, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> The economic advantages of using robots don't play out when your  
> labour cost is $100/mo.  I would suggest that the US is sliding  

If robots are autopoietic, then robots are not a cost,
they're an asset. Plant a factory seed, let thousand
deserts bloom with shiny blue PV arrays.

> towards China (amnesty for underpaid lower-caste immigrants from  
> Mehico to fuel the U.S. stubbornly clinging to the notion it's a  
> manufacturing nation) rather than the other way around.  Japan only  
> got into robotics when their labour costs climbed as the economy  
> prospered.
> "Harness Natural Resources" is an oxymoron.  We must learn to live  
> within ecosystems, rather than attempting to control or replace  

I disagree. Artificial systems can close the loops just as well
as natural systems, in fact, even better. In fact, moving to PV
decouples us from usurping some 1/3rd to 2/3rd of biosphere's output.

> them.  And if American society is our shining beacon of the benefits  
> of human intelligence then we're all in trouble.
> ~165,000 people die EVERY DAY of hunger on this planet.  How can  
> anyone describe it as a land of plenty?

As others already said, the problem is not lack of resources,
the problem is that a wolf can comfortably live off a herd of
sheep, even a starving herd of sheep.

To change this would mean a radical change to the nature of sheep,
or introduction of a new class of players which is exorcising
Beelzebub by Satan hisself.

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