Luis' shorts Re: iPhone hacking Re: [FoRK] Thinking of taking an iPhone on an international trip?

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at> on Mon Oct 1 08:03:50 PDT 2007

So I called a buddy of mine who lives and works in Palo Alto and who I 
know has an iPhone (the only one I've played with)...  And it sent me to 
a scratchy, clearly analog voice mail service that required me to type 
in his number to get the right mail box to leave a message!  I called 
back twice with exactly the same results.  I left a message, with no 
reply.  Did he get it?

Wow... Uber Tech, meet the Dark Ages.


Kurt wrote:
> Luis Villa wrote:
>> Apple doesn't seem to believe that rights and freedoms are really part
>> of the customer experience; they clearly think that as long as the
>> experience is polished enough, people will happily accept the golden
>> handcuffs. Historically they've been right about this
> Yas, though probably Jobs, rather than Apple.
> ....
> Ordinary people don't get to fuck around with Steves machines ;)
> (You might have, like, no taste, or something).

> Cheers, Kurt.

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