[FoRK] Free internship listing service at UC Santa Cruz

Jim Whitehead <ejw at soe.ucsc.edu> on Tue Oct 2 11:24:07 PDT 2007

I recently discovered that UCSC has a really nice (and free)  
internship listings system. A listing in this system for an  
engineering/information technology/software engineering internship  
position will automatically show up in the School of Engineering  
newsletter, and the database is searchable by students. Students can  
also sign up for notification email messages.

To place an internship listing, go to:

For questions about this service and how to place a listing, feel  
free to call Sheila Rodriguez at 831-459-2184 (Ass't Manager,  
Internship Program, UCSC Career Center). She is the primary contact  
person for companies wanting to place internship listings.

- Jim

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