Luis' shorts Re: iPhone hacking Re: [FoRK] Thinking of taking an iPhone on an international trip?

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at> on Wed Oct 3 12:56:33 PDT 2007

On 10/2/07, Luis Villa <luis at> wrote:
> So maybe it is evil, I just don't understand what is in it for them.

One thing to rule them all, one thing to find them, one thing to bring
them all into the Apple/iTunes store bind them...

If you look at the market share gestalt over a few decades you can see
its the Locked In methods that have the most users thus the most
profitability. IBM was an early example, you just bought IBM because
that is what you did..mematic lock it on a very low level. When that
got blown out it fell on MS to take it up. they got into the de facto
groove by making sure they were the dominant focus of your computer
experience. MS could not pull that off on other devices though. Apple
started in a great blaze of innovation and wozness, has had to hit the
niches to find a voice,  but now is looking more and more like just
another in a long line of lock in world domination wanabes.

So there you have it, nothing as complex as a bone/lion run down on
the socioecoethicological details I am sure will come soon. The evil
is a simple and old one.. means  ...  ends.... justifications there

"I want to conquer the world
give all the idiots a brand new religion
put an end to poverty, uncleanliness and toil
promote equality in all of my decisions
with a quick wink of the eye and a "god you must be joking!" " - Bad Religion


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