[FoRK] Book... pointer

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Wed Oct 3 15:28:00 PDT 2007

Can't call this a recommendation per se.  This book and its author,  
stumbled across randomly in a local shop a couple of weeks ago, were  
intriguing in the extreme.  Content involved futures trading, Austin,  
the ever-popular death-rebirth motif, multiple-worlds interpretation  
of quantum mechanics, currency and problems with existing monetary  
policy, Texas secession, libertarianism, existential risk, trans/post- 
humanism, and time travel with closed causal loops.  What could be  
better?!? ;-)  Unf. the execution was at times as annoying (in  
particular in its attempts at mysticism, also in its shallow  
treatment of computing and financial markets, all very central to the  
story) as the concept was intriguing.  Still, worth noting;  you  
might or might not like it.  Lion will probably like it.  Gene,  
Stephen and Russell shouldn't go anywhere near this thing.  In the  
balance, I'd call this a respectable first attempt that could've used  
more editing.  Perhaps Paco's next book will realize the potential  
this one seems to hint at.

   Discipline, by Paco Ahlgren


Caveat reader,


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