[FoRK] How does one save a rendered page?

Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> on Sun Oct 7 20:59:18 PDT 2007

Suppose one has finished a transaction over the web where one then wants
to save the contents of the final page. Say, for example, the itinerary
of a flight just reserved. Naively, one would just use the browser to 
save the html. The problem is that the html often has no content 
whatsoever, just some generic javascript code that generates the content 
with the help of the original site. Which is useless when one isn't 
connected to the internet. 

I realize this is somewhat an open question, since there is no real 
definition of what counts as a rendered page, short of the image itself. 
One cut might be saving all displayed text. But what about text displayed 
via jpegs or flash or other non-textual means? The other extreme would be 
to capture the page itself as a jpeg. (Does anyone know browser plug-ins 
to support that? Screen capture doesn't quite work, since most pages are
longer than my screen displays in one shot. I don't just want to do this.
I want it to be convenient.)

Stepping up a level, I would frame the generic problem as an attempt by
web sites try to control the content they deliver, even after the fact. 
Some sites nicely provide content in a form designed to be downloaded 
and preserved outside the site itself, eg, as pdf or csv or something 
similar. Many do not. Sometimes, that is simply an artifact of how the
site is designed. Sometimes, it is an intentional attempt to create a
faux kind of security. Either way, those of us using those sites should
not be subject to such whim. So... what tools are out there to help with

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