[FoRK] Periodical liquidation... Wired, etc.

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue Oct 16 09:36:46 PDT 2007

As part of my liquidation of a good chunk my physical bits to avoid too 
much in transit or storage, I'm considering what to sell, junk, take, 
store, or scan.

I'm partial to some of this, especially to the issue of Wired with Tim 
Berners-Lee and myself on the cover [1] ;-). (I made the first 5000.)
Before I go through much of this, and before I consider eBay listings, 
is there any interest among FoRKers for any of the following?  While 
much is available on the Internet, a lot isn't.

For some of this I have a few years of issues, for much of it I have 
many years, often more than 10 years.  I also have a few collectibles 
that I might hang on to or I might part with if someone wants to invest 
in them.  This includes number of issues of Byte scattered from 1983 - 
1986 and two copies of the first issue of Wired, which used to sell for 
$50-100 or more.  For some magazines, I have every issue from start to 

Byte (older mostly)
Dr. Dobbs
Unix Review
C/C++ User's Journal, and another similar C++ mag.
Embedded System's Journal
Computer Language
AI Expert
Linux Magazine (and other Linux mags)
MS Systems Journal
Silicon Alley Reporter
Windows Dev Journal
Java Dev Journal
Communications of the ACM
IEEE Computer
Multimedia systems (and AI, large databases, etc. from ACM)
Popular Science
Computer Gaming
Java Pro
Internet Telephony
Mobile Computing News
Network Mag.
Var Business News
XML Journal
Psychology Today
Smithsonian, various

Various others...



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