[FoRK] Fwd: BREAKING NEWS: Bobby Jindal elected Governor of Louisiana + your reactions

Sat N <sateesh.narahari at gmail.com> on Sun Oct 21 08:46:09 PDT 2007

More interesting than his ethnicity( every sixth person in the world
is an Indian, by law of averages, it had to happen), its amazing how
young he is -at that age, most of us are drinking beer and cheering
for Rockies to win the World series.

This guy cares about people, policies, politics and all that heavy
stuff. It would be an interesting match up to see Jindal vs. Obama in

On 10/21/07, Rohit Khare (RR) <rifroad at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can't say I agree with his politics, but this is still landmark news!!
> --Rohit
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> your reactions
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> Bobby Jindal, 36, makes history, becoming the first South Asian American
> governor of a U.S. state, winning the Louisiana election a few minutes ago.
> I have been live blogging the event at SAJAforum and you can see how the
> results trickled in over th last hour or so at
> http://www.sajaforum.org/2007/10/jindal-live-blo.html
> We are posting reactions and coverage from around the world here
> (newspaper frontpages coming as soon as we have them):
> http://www.sajaforum.org/2007/10/jindal-the-worl.html
> Post you comments there, too. Tell us and the world, what you think.
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