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Corinna Schultz wrote:
> No, it's because of the declining pirate population. If more of you
> would Talk Like a Pirate and so forth, then there would be fewer rude
> drivers.
Err, Aye Matey!

How about this?

Crime Reduction Linked To Lead-Free Gasoline
Posted by kdawson on Tuesday October 23, @02:55PM
from the getting-the-lead-out dept.
Biotech Science
Hugh Pickens writes "Even low levels of lead can cause brain damage, 
increasing the likelihood of behavioral and cognitive traits such as 
impulsivity, aggressiveness, and low IQ that are strongly linked with 
criminal behavior. The NYTimes has a story on how the phasing out of 
leaded gasoline starting with the Clean Air Act in 1973 may have led to 
a 56% drop in violent crime in the US in the 1990s. An economics 
professor at Amherst College, Jessica Wolpaw Reyes, discovered the 
connection and wrote a paper comparing the reduction of lead from 
gasoline between states (PDF) and the reduction of violent crime. She 
constructed a table linking crime rates in every state to childhood lead 
exposure in that state 20 or 30 years earlier. If lead poisoning is a 
factor in the development of criminal behavior, then countries that 
didn't switch to unleaded fuel until the 1980s, like Britain and 
Australia, should soon see a dip in crime as the last lead-damaged 
children outgrow their most violent years."


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