[FoRK] Are your papers in order? Federal gov't to require prior permission for each flight

Aaron Burt <aaron at bavariati.org> on Wed Oct 24 10:11:53 PDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 11:31:15AM -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:
>   http://www.10zenmonkeys.com/2007/10/22/prior-permission-from- 
> government-to-be-required-for-each-flight/

Every once in a while, I forget that the USSR won and we're now slowly
having our laws "harmonized".

On another note, Beloved Wife is interested in moving to Canada.  Since
our jobs are both ending and she doesn't like uncertainty, we are to
become established in Vancouver ASAP.  Any tips on job-hunting for
furriners?  (I've been told that getting a 1-yr work-permit is a doddle
for IT workers.  Currently watching VanLUG list and vanc.jobs, planning
on visiting my mum in Burnaby for a week next month.)

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Britain's teachers. If it weren't
for them we'd all be speaking German. And French. And Latin. And be able
to do sums.    -- Harry Hutton 

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