[FoRK] Are your papers in order? Federal gov't to require prior permission for each flight

Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> on Wed Oct 24 12:44:52 PDT 2007

> Every once in a while, I forget that the USSR won and we're now slowly
> having our laws "harmonized".

Yeah, the USSR won -- after that brilliant scheme of them invading  
middle-eastern countries to "secure their borders" paid off...

> On another note, Beloved Wife is interested in moving to Canada.   
> Since
> our jobs are both ending and she doesn't like uncertainty, we are to
> become established in Vancouver ASAP.  Any tips on job-hunting for
> furriners?  (I've been told that getting a 1-yr work-permit is a  
> doddle
> for IT workers.  Currently watching VanLUG list and vanc.jobs,  
> planning
> on visiting my mum in Burnaby for a week next month.)

Establishing a company in Vancouver may not be as attractive now as  
it was a few years ago, considering that CAD/USD has followed CHF/ 
USD, EUR/USD, or pretty much */USD, and appears to have passed  
parity.  But if you all are interested in that route, BC probably  
still has an allocation of permits that they can fast-track past Ottawa.

Have they managed to get SkyTrain through to YVR yet?


(I may be overly optimistic; I'd thought things were getting better  
in the States.  If not, it might be worth recalling that Anne Frank's  
father had both the sense to think that things were getting weird in  
Germany, and the misfortune to decide on moving to an adjacent  
country.  There is an old joke:
canuck: So what do you think of Canada, eh?
USAian: To tell the truth, we don't really ever think of Canada.
But just wait 'til we run out of natural resources -- then we'll  
think of you.)

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