[FoRK] Gödel, Nagel, minds and machines

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Fri Oct 26 09:04:22 PDT 2007

Found via LtU...  I'm not sure there's anything particularly novel in  
the way of analysis or conclusions, here, but it's a good overview  
with some historical color...

Gödel, Nagel, minds and machines

Solomon Feferman. Gödel, Nagel, minds and machines. Ernest Nagel  
Lecture, Columbia University, Sept. 27, 2007.

Just fifty years ago, Ernest Nagel and Kurt Goedel became involved in  
a serious imbroglio about the possible inclusion of Goedel’s original  
work on incompleteness in the book, Goedel’s Proof, then being  
written by Nagel with James R. Newman. What led to the conflict were  
some unprecedented demands that Goedel made over the use of his  
material and his involvement in the contents of the book - demands  
that resulted in an explosive reaction on Nagel’s part. In the end  
the proposal came to naught. But the story is of interest because of  
what was basically at issue, namely their provocative related but  
contrasting views on the possible significance of Goedel’s theorems  
for minds vs. machines in the development of mathematics.





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