[FoRK] Yahoo portal - repeating new coke experiment.

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri Oct 26 17:38:05 PDT 2007

Adblock Plus for Firefox just plain works. You can subscribe to a list
of precanned blocks and then add ones when they crop up. You can wipe
out whole ranges with the edge of your hand. Now add this to
greasmonkey, which has scripts to take certian websites and situations
and rejigger how they look on your browser, and you got one nice clean
web surfing experience with  the oppertunity to adjust as needed.

I had to surf around on a browser recently that had no blocker or
filters...Dear Lord how do people put up with all the crap???? I was
floored that things are so bad out there in the land of the
unfiltered. It would send me back to Lynx if I had no options.

You can find Adblock and greasmonkey by going thru Tools->Addons in Firefox.

Ok and while we are on the subject of browsers, during an upgrade to
Gutsy on one of my boxes I was shown the Iceape Suite. Is this all
really the offshoot of the Mozilla folks wanting to trademark their
logo? I gave iceape an install and am playing with it...interesting.


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