[FoRK] Apple: "your money's no good here..."

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sat Oct 27 21:25:16 PDT 2007

Cash is still mostly anonymous, or rather more anonymous than ought else.

Now had the cryptopunks gotten micro payments down back in the 90's I
would not be so freklumpted at the idea of registration of all
transactions. It is bad enough that buying an AP often means having a
CC number tied to a MAC address (best buys recently..I noticed my
receipt had the mac noted on it (not that i am saying im all tin foil
hat about the prospects of All Ur Packetz Haiz Ben Eatenz bi NSA..but

How prevalent is the bonding of people and transactions?  I would
venture hard core 99.999% depending on the valuation of said data to a
biz plan/ideological control/safety regime. That I can still toss cash
down for some things is nice; though if I were the type to strap on
the Harry Caul signature Faraday suit I would be thinking cameras and
other such would be in force to tie me to the purchase.

Companies striking their own coin I bet would also mean the lack of
anonymous options.


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