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Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Mon Oct 29 23:25:14 PDT 2007

Oh Oh are we going to get into the Lesser of Two Party Evils again?
Hang on let me get my popcorn.

Ok. So let us see what sort of justifications folks will use to make
these turds look like viable candidate and not yet another year when
the system is shown to be broken past the working parameters of a
representative democracy.

My real quick babbling take on the subject.

Rudy, been there done that (ex NYCer here)..works best if you need an
autocrat and the trains to run on time. Expect a blow out mid 2nd

Edwards, still an ambulance chaser but is now a very well versed
ambulance chaser. Expect to be overrun by what is left of the other
branches of gov when GW departs for his private sector gig.

Thompson, underwhelming and oversold. Will most likely morph into what
ever he thinks will get a vote (more so than the others) or else go do
a made for tv remake of Masters Of The Universe taking on the role of

Obama, can you call him a dark horse and not get Al Sharpton on your
lawn decked out in a new jogging suit and a bull horn? Man I would
love to see that happen right here in white trash Vancouver WA.
Anyhow, Obama I think is going to suffer from base split, I think we
caught a whiff of that when the his gospel singing friend pronounced
all the gays in the audience cured of heterosexuality. Most likely to
be Jimmy Carter in office sans  the Billy Beer.

Romney.. Mit or not Mit a schemer I do not know but I will say that I
love having more than the usual Invisible Monster In the Sky people in
the race. The Value Voters were holding their lily white noses as they
cast a fractional nod his way hoping that they would not have to
discus this with The Big Guy in their little get together.  Most
likely to pull a Lewinsky.

Hillary..Experience, oh yeah she has got it. Dirty from head to toe,
from Vince Foster to Stan Lee's partner. Whoo what a story that is.
You do not play in the games she has and not gotten herself in a few
dozen corners of commitment. I take it back about Romney pulling a
Lewinsky, turn about is fair play.

Huckabee, huckawhatever. Another candidate who is defined by taking
his ethical cues from an Invisible Monster In The Sky. Most likely to
think the Hand Maidens Tale is a good start.

Ron Fing Paul. Honestly I am in a quandry over Mr Paul. How sad is it
that the spark of grass rootism that was owned by Howard "One Scream
>From The White House" Dean is now in the hands of a fella that is as
conservative as they come on most thing, on more than most things in
fact.  He has got the "Other" voters all abuzz such that the mostly
nearly dead silent "Two Party systems suck we need a third"  scree is
all but flat lined this time out. Now we have Party One part A and
Party One part B with a Party One part B subsection I.  Most likely to
get over 10% of the popular vote and be able to claim a victory.

The Dems have got a whiff of a sure thing in their nostrils, which
means they might pull a Mets and drop it like its stone cold over the
summer. The Repubs are not the iron willed jack booted brown shirted
locked stepped jebus conversing mob  they where last time around.
Eight years of Rove, Rice, Rumey and Chainey has given them that not
so fresh feeling. As I like to tell the few Bush supporters I know "So
you going to wash your hands clean of all that innocent blood before
you cast your ballot this year"? Last time around they would have
looked at my with those righteous glazed over eyes and tut tuted me
for being so crude; a few years of Out Out damn spot has sort of taken
the sparkle out of their eyes. That is to say most of them, some still
hold we need to stay the course and push on because not doing so would
mean dishonouring all those whose blood is on their hands...

Which brings me to the Dems again, cause I also here some of the Dem
candidates saying shades of that...shades mind you not by any means a
catechism of the Bush party line but enough of the words to think that
the ploughshare business might not be picking up with someone like
Hillary in office. The only two voices I hear saying anything even
close admitting to a Saigon moment is Obama or Paul.

 Meanwhile even if we were able to pull out tomorrow, not a great exit
strategy by far, the real issues of Accountability, Culpability and
Perjury  have not been raised loud enough by the candidates to show
they will even try to call to accounting those who have and still do
those things...yes I am indeed talking about the big ones as well.

And then meanwhile meanwhile...since the war over there is raging on
the war here escalates and I have not heard much about doing things to
fix the DHS problem...that being there is a DHS and it is a huge
freaking Orwellian problem...no to mention the TSA and all the great
things they have done to folks waiting on artificialy induced lines..
more has been done since 9/11 to terrorise this nation than any dozen
planes could have done and all thanks to the good intentions of the
neocons and the bottom lines of their security/contracting holdings.
Bob Bless American...booya.

If our presidential elections have become nothing  more than a series
of choices for the lessor of evils then the outcome of all the hard
work, verbal sparing, party pandering and fleecing of the national
sheeple by all who participate is an evil little nation indeed.

Lord this is getting to be Bealesque.

So what is the bottom line Tom? Its that thing near the end of a post
that sums up what the whole rest of the post was rambling on about and
as such this one has no bottom line. And no there is no point since a
point would simply be a part of the line...didn't you read Abbott?

Good night and good luck.


PS  Colbert did I hear you say? Finally you say something useful;
sadly I am too tired to respond for now.

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