[FoRK] interesting video on Hillary

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Tue Oct 30 09:42:06 PDT 2007

On Oct 30, 2007, at 1:25 AM, Tom Higgins wrote:

> Oh Oh are we going to get into the Lesser of Two Party Evils again?
> Hang on let me get my popcorn.
> Ok. So let us see what sort of justifications folks will use to make
> these turds look like viable candidate and not yet another year when
> the system is shown to be broken past the working parameters of a
> representative democracy.

My take on this:  they are de facto viable candidates if the Two  
Parties nominate them.  Any candidate *not* nominated by one of the  
Two Parties is de facto inviable.  That's the Reality-Based  
Assessment, for what it's worth...  If you really think any third- 
party candidate will ever be elected in this country prior to some  
major upheaval --- for which despite the last 8 years, the current  
situation fails to qualify --- load up another bowl. ;-)

Given these assumptions grounded in historical evidence, for my vote  
the best thing to do is to send whatever message of opposition one  
can send to the more egregriously evil party by voting for the less  
egregiously evil party's candidate.  Or, if they're equally evil,  
then at least to send a message of "change desired" by voting for the  
candidate of whichever party is not currently holding the office.   
The pragmatic presidential "protest vote" is the vote that *actually*  
swings districts, even if it does not garner its state's electoral  

$0.02,  YMMV.


PS - yes, the system is broken.  As engineered.  But the fact is that  
it's the system that will be in place in the next presidential election.

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