[FoRK] Politico Quandry

Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> on Wed Oct 31 07:47:33 PDT 2007

The problem is that structural changes are implemented only when they
are seen as a benefit to the current factions, typically as a compromise
between them. This should come as no surprise to Americans. The original 
structure of our government was NOT the result of some ideal concerns 
with representation, transparency, etc. There was a surprising amount of 
that built into the Constitution. But the form of the senate and the 
electoral college were an intentional compromise to maintain a balance 
between the north and the south. That was all. That balance between 
slave state and free was maintained in the Missouri compromise, three
decades later, and in the compromise of 1850, another three decades on.
When that balance could no longer be maintained, we plunged into one of 
the bloodiest wars in history. And that was the story of our first 
century. We still live with a structure for our federal government that 
is the left-over compromise of the attempt to make what were really two 
nations work together as one, an attempt that ended in war. But at any
mention of attempt to change that, there will be raised no end of 
editorials trying to describe that as something grand and glorious, 
rather than a compromise over issues long dead. ;-)

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