[FoRK] The grand scheme of things...

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Wed Oct 31 22:18:44 PDT 2007

After a fairly long winter of really novel implementations, Lisp is  
enjoying a bit of a renaissance.  To wit:

   - newLisp --- probably the coolest logo for a prog lang ever, plus  
much Webby-ness [1]
   - termite --- because Erlang can't have all the fun... [2] [3] [4]
   - ikarus --- a decent-looking native / optimizing compiler for  
~R6RS, with extensions [5]
   - nu --- my favorite, next-gen Lisp (with macros!) meets Objective- 
C, injectable, lookout world! [6]

Arc?  Who needs it.  That's last year's vapor.  I can actually RUN  
these!  Check out the O(100) line Asteroids clone in nu --- pretty  
freakin' cool, IMHO!  This reminds me of how fun simply hacking  
around used to be...  I'm not about to jump ship from Python or take  
my eyes off Erlang --- maybe just a few little dalliances on the side  
--- but things are getting interesting again in Lisp-land.


[1]  http://newlisp.org/
[2]  http://lisp-ecoop05.bknr.net/pdf/19654
[3]  http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/%7Eboucherd/mslug/meetings/20050216/ 
[4]  http://toute.ca/termite.pdf
[5]  http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~aghuloum/ikarus/index.html
[6]  http://programming.nu/

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