[FoRK] OpenSocial

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri Nov 2 11:12:35 PDT 2007

On 11/2/07, Justin Mason <jm at jmason.org> wrote:
> Adam L Beberg writes:
> > The value of a social network is who they keep out.

So true so true. Just the other day at the country club I had to be
amazed at the number of "those" people who seemed to think it was
acceptable that they order a mint julep before I did. Such things are
simply not to be tolerated.

So you and your emeritus profs do not  worry yourselves , I am sure
you will find methodologies to keep the rabble form crashing your
weekly circle jerks erhm I  mean learned coffee clutches.

 Now for the folks of dont take the Waldorf and Statler approach to
things, the idea of interoperability means you actually, if this works
as I think it might, not have to be part of a place you do not deem
worthy and yet still mark folks as friends or part of  your network.
Those who would not touch myspace with a 23 foot polish sausage will
be able to include diehard myspacers in thier networks without having
to deal with going to pages with  gigglygifs or blaring loud
psuedoindi band tunage.

Sure Beburp calls this useless, though much of what is called useless
by such  seems to wind up being used a bunch to the point of finding
other uses. Was it not the case that social networks sucked and would
never be worth anything. Oh snap how the intertubes does make
ostriches of the most self dimensionally progressive types.

So anyway, back to the ranch of the possible....what can we, and by we
yes do mean you and you and you,do  to pull us some use out of this
possible interverse thing. We are a smart savvy collective of dinkums
who should be able to outmaneuver the next wave of cool at least on a
scale of a few cool widgizmooids. IM, conferencing, white boarding, go
playing, etc etc etc. Lets sotrm the castle brain a little and see if
we can at least identify what the next brand new jimmies might be.   I
want plans and projections floating on the list asap.

-tom(getting back into team manager mode)higgins

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