[FoRK] The grand scheme of things...

Andy Armstrong <andy at hexten.net> on Sat Nov 3 04:47:19 PDT 2007

On 3 Nov 2007, at 00:34, Jeff Bone wrote:
> Yeah, that's a snippet of something I actually wrote recently.  And  
> yeah, it actually made sense at the time. ;-)

It's not that higher-order apart from a bit of currying is it? I don't  
know Python - am I missing something sexy?

I don't really know Python (thought it was Ruby at first...) but those  
top level lambda assignments are just normal method definitions in  
disguise, yes? They don't appear to need to be lambdas.

> There's one really clever bit of notational abuse in there, but...   
> despite the density of the whole thing, I'm quite certain that  
> nobody else could ever understand what was being accomplished with  
> it, so in that sense, like the old APL saw, this was probably write- 
> once / write-only code.
>  But --- the notation-as-tool-of-thought thing is actually true.  It  
> wasn't until I hit the notational density you see above that I could  
> actually conceive the solution to the problem.  Those aa, ss, as,  
> and sa functions are the permutations of functional combinations of  
> the s and a functions on lists under list addition.

OK - it's obviously more complex than I thought - I can't see how aa,  
as, sa, as get called.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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