[FoRK] Right to be respected?

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Sun Dec 2 16:56:32 PST 2007

  Ok, so you're saying that, "If Lion gets to say that GOD is
  society, nature, reality, possibility, everything," and thus get
  around our attacks on religion, then why don't WE get to say,
  "It's okay for us to make our attacks, because they're
   Epistemological Assessments," (relabeling,) rather than
  "Moral" judgements.

  Ha-ha-ha, Jeff!  That's really funny!

  Well, here's my take on it:

  * I'm just as much against all the ignorance that you and
    Jeff are against.  When you post your links, I know what
    you're against, and I'm with that.  I hate it, too.

  * Where we differ is on a question of what to do about it.
    You (and millions of other atheists) have come to the
    conclusion that it's time to shut up as many religious
    people as possible, to try to embarrass them, and so on.

  My thoughts are different, though.

  I just have a hard time sharing the how and the why of my
  thoughts.  They're complex.  They don't reduce to a cheap
  slogan like, "Religion is evil."

  I wish you would take the time to understand them, rather
  than letting the dopamine rush, or whatever it is that you get
  when your "kill" switch sets into the on position, take over.

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