[FoRK] Re: Please Help

Devon Jones <soulcatcher at evilsoft.org> on Tue Dec 4 13:54:46 PST 2007

Sat N wrote:
> What is the alternative? Put them on a boot camp of Memetics?
> In any social structure, there will be leaders. Its been the way even
> before there was religion.
The problem is not that there is a social structure with leaders.  All 
humans are organized to some degree that way.  The problem is the 
memetic load that inherently comes with revealed religion in general.  
It's strongly authority based, and values obedience or dogmatic 
correctness over personal decision making.

Republican Democracy for example does *not* tell people that they have 
to believe in the one true way, or that they have to follow.  
Inherently, any of the people are allowed to lead.

It's fairly clear that any system that relies upon distributed decision 
making functions more efficiently, and comes to better answers then 
systems that rely upon central authority and dogma.  Hundreds of even 
stupid people in aggregate still tend to come to better answers then a 
centralized figure who inherently has less ability to gather data.

The real harm is in grouping the people up and telling them all to march 
in one direction.


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