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Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Tue Dec 18 08:02:47 PST 2007

On Dec 17, 2007 8:51 PM, Sat N <sateesh.narahari at gmail.com> wrote:
> "Dude, there are symbols everywhere, the reptiles are taking over -
> you can find their symbols on dollar bills, on state buildings
> everywhere in the world. They even created religion and they are about
> to destroy the mankind. They created religions, so they fight with
> each other. Its obvious Christians and Muslims kill each other.
> ...the symbols are everywhere. I just look for symbols.
> [...]
> It brought back memories of a long FORK discussion.


  Ah, right -- because I interpret movies.

  Because I see "V for Vendetta," and looking at the "symbols,"
  I see that it's a warning about the present political climate in
  the UK and the States.

  And from there, it's just a short hop to reptile men
  and ancient secret brotherhoods and so on...

  Right, right, I got ya.

  Look, the fact is, the activist scene has an ongoing and
  perpetual conversation, and they strategize, and have thoughts,
  and they write books, and so on.

  Joanna Macy
  Ken Wilber
  David Korten
  Paul Hawkin

  ...there's a lot of these people, and probably hundreds of
  thousands if not millions of lesser knowns.  Jjust like in
  the Free Software world, you have RMS, ESR, Linus
  Torvalds, and then you have the uncountably many Free
  Software / Open Source Software developers, but they
  know each other.  Luis Villa has "heard of" Richard
  Stallman, at the very least.  All these people in the activist
  world, who you may have zero concept of, they talk with
  each other, know of each other, and so on.

  The ideas from their conversations make it into fiction, either
  because the activists directly write them into stories, (Alice
  Walker and The Color Purple, ...)


  ...or due to some indirect path.

  One of Alice Walker's influence was her professor Howard
  Zinn, for example.  No "secret order of the masons" here,
  just a college professor.

  This is no different from, say, people in the Free Software
  world reading Douglas Engelbart or Myron Kroeger or Alan
  Kay and being influenced.  Congratulations, you're now in
  the "Smalltalk school" of Object Oriented thought.  Welcome
  to the Bavarian Brotherhood of object oriented occult studies.

  There are no conspiracies here, no reptile people.  People
  waking up to some aspect of life, and studying, is rather
  ordinary.  In my case of awakening to Free Software,
  it was discovering Slashdot and getting curious about
  Linux & Free Software, in 1998.  In the case of activism,
  it was the WTO in Seattle;  I had to ask myself, "Why are
  police firing canisters at protesters outside my window?"

  I have since been engaged in the activist world.  I know that
  many times, I have seen fellow activists asking the
  question, "How can we communicate with the public through
  the movies?"  That urge is present.  I think it is reasonable to
  believe that, through either intentional paths (directly
  contacting screenwriters,) or unintentional paths (a
  screenwriter has a friend who knows these sorts of ideas,
  and talks with the screen writer.)

  Why?  Because "Bee Movie" is, without a doubt, (and I
  challenge you to say that this is lunacy,) an ecologically
  oriented film, and reflects many themes found in the lit.

  Why?  Because in interviews with the Wachowsky
  brothers, they say, "We're reading the Age of Spiritual
  Machines, and we're reading Hegel, and we're reading
  Jean Baudrillard."  Because they hand Neo a copy of
  "Simulacra and Simulations" (it's a book; look it up)
  right there in the very movie.


  I glance at that page, and see that the Wachowsky
  Brothers required Keanu Reeves to read that book, as
  well as Out of Control (which is about **you guys,**
  if you haven't read it, or know of it,) and Evolutionary


  God damn, I feel like I'm talking to pre-schoolers here;
  Have y'all *never* put this stuff together before?  Are these
  earnestly new thoughts for all of you?

  Help me out here -- understanding my audience:
  Is it a *genuinely new thought* here that Bee Movie is
  an ecologically oriented movie?  Did any of you notice
  that "V is for Vandetta" might have a *purpose* in it's
  making?  Perhaps Philip Pullman might have a
  message, that his books might have been written for
  something "more" than just purely entertainment

  Or do you only see ideas in movies when they
  support an atheist agenda?

  Feh, ...  I know where the lizard people are;
  They congregate on FoRK!  They lack limbic systems
  and a neocortex.


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