[FoRK] Yay! Proper Jewish deli reopens around the block from our home...

Ken Meltsner <meltsner at alum.mit.edu> on Tue Dec 18 15:48:47 PST 2007

This definitely a "only in America" -- a South Asian excited about the
return of a (mostly Eastern) European Jewish restaurant.

Aaron, haven't hit Abe's -- we go to Benjy's on the north-east side of
the city, mostly for the matzoh ball soup, when we need a corned beef
fix.  Feel free to drop me a note if you're in the area and need
frozen custard or something equally interesting.

Other area delis:

I've heard amazing things about Jake's Delicatessen as well, but it's
in a horrible neighborhood.

To be honest, Abe's in a mediocre (at best) neighborhood as well -- I
wouldn't have thought that there'd be any restaurant worth visiting

We usually try to time our deli cravings for trips to Madison --
Ella's on Washington St is the best deli in the area, and the family
loves the huge number of mechanical gizmos.   The kids are too old for
it now, but  the merry-go-round.saved our sanity a few times as well.
Anyone on this list would probably love Ella's -- the gizmo
collection, the shadow box tables with mechanical and non-mechanical
collections (Pez, Monopoly, HO trains, race cars, magnetic fuzz
pictures, etc.), and good food.  Worth a stop if you're visiting UW
and tired of looking at Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace.

Ken Meltsner

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