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Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue Dec 18 16:28:22 PST 2007

> On Dec 17, 2007 5:06 PM, Dr. Ernie Prabhakar
> > so nothing really matters?

As bizarrely strange as this may seem to some, there is a slice of
possibility that humans are not all that and a side of toast, that
this whole "we are so important we have been chosen by our creator(or
the one we just made up) and everything we do is of the vastest
importance to the balance of everything and everything else..yeah we
are the fulcrum of the whole fracking universe so of course every
choice we make needs to be broadcast  on intergalactic tv  so the
universe knows we chose denim over corduroy" is simple a self induced
ego stroke mechanism to feel ...important.

Think of it this way, you know how the rest of the world (for those
not living in the USA( to whom the idea of a rest of the world is
going to be balls shaking alone)) sees baseball's World Series...yea
well thats sort of the idea I am getting at.

"Ok so you made a sport, and its all american teams playing...and you
have this big series at the end of the season called a WORLD
series...and the Americans will every year...yeah."

Izzard does a great bit on this.

My 5 year old routinely makes up scenarios where he is a super hero
and saves the world from a mega important disaster scenario  he
concocted..yea on the 5 year old its sort of cute ..on a big large
scale humanity wide thing its down right embarrassing.

Nothing matters? It is an odd thought and might be hard to grasp but
maybe the gist of it is we are not that special and unique snowflake
of deity chosen universal centering importance many deem us to
be...and do not take this as a negative cold hearted denial of the
fact that we can do some fuck all amazing thing, as can other species
and forces and just plain matter in the wide universe...this is just a
sort of gentle(go with me on this) reminder to get off your high
horses every once in awhile and shovel the dung so the stable is not
festooned with your beasts droppings.

Or is it that some folks NEED (note the caps) to either BE the chosen
of a deity(even if they have to make one up who will choose them) in
order to feel any sense of importance in their living? For me thats
sort of sad...then when you notice over the thousands of years of such
behavior how it accumulats a body count and general sense of
subjugation( many ologies have that as a built in must have)  I mean
come on its a fucking drag to the rest of the universe who can see the
wonder in just being without this hoopla and claptrap that seems to
carry with it some pretty nasty side effects(and often direct effects)

What matters most I think is not fucking over each other, making life
good not just for yourselves but for others as well and in general not
making the world a place of fear, you know like damning people to
hell, beating the shit out of some guy becuase he loves another guy,
pummeling a young girl becuase she wont wear a head scarf, burning
some one for not believing in the same myths you do.

That there paragraph is a real easy simple methodology to living, it
takes some real dunkum thinkums ot fuck that up it does.

I mean whats next

(school yard , group of kids circle a lone figure)
"hey what are you reading over there?"
"Justice League"
"Oh so your a DCer?"
"Well yea, my mom and dad where so I ...."
"We dont like your kind here, we are Marvels here."
"I just..."
"Hey fellas, we got a Flash lover here."
"Burn the fucker"
"No wait I really like the Xmen"
"DO not take their name in vein you heathen"
"I aer argh"
"Thats right shove that DC rag down his throat."

As much as I think Marvel is a superior mythos than DC I do not think
the above should ever go down, but if you follow how the rivaling
mythos followers through history have played it out the above is not
so far fetched at all, in fact you can go to many places around this
wide globe and find it happening on a daily basis...true as fuck and
twice as real for sure.

So come on, stop with the worked over ego strokes and "Look at me
daddy I am your special child"  issues....and please stop justifying
the body count and thousands of years of anguish that behavior has
dumped on us to make it seem that your deity love you like the special
and true child you want so desperately to be.......admit the problem
and seek help. Soon...please.

Come on now, there are more important things to be done, like online
games of GO and Settlers of Cattan.

-tom(pimpin aint easy)higgins

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