[FoRK] "Peace and Love"

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Wed Dec 19 20:12:44 PST 2007

I simply love how everything that is good/creative/positive needs to
be co opted by a religious origin by those who are religious, a
secular origin by those who are secular and a three stooges origin by
everyone else.

Art for instance. To say the church funded money is true, but to then
tie that down by then saying that art is somehow due to the beliefs of
that religion is like saying the Yankees win or loose due only to the
grace of George Steinbrener , the source of the Yanks money.

This belittles the players as well as the artists. Maybe Jeeter loves
the game more than standing in the grace of George, maybe Mikey Angelo
loved creating the art for reasons other than the beliefs of his

And if putting the boss of the Yanks and the moneyed leaders of
churches makes some uneasy, it should. Why all that power and money in
the hands of a church supposedly started with an  aim of  aiding the
poor and needy? Why all that political baroqueness and why does it
still exists today, an era where we are not all beholden to the power
of "The Authority"?


Ok so all this good stuff that these moneyed political institutions
would not have happened other wise. There has been no art, medicine,
help of the needy, charity and care done without a tie in to the use
of one gods name or another?

Flip side, bad stuff happens with out calling on the name of a god either. Yep

Example off the top  of the head...slavery was something that has
biblical anchors, some of the OT laws speak directly [ Leviticus
25:44-46  Exodus 21:7-11  ]to how to treat slaves etc etc. You did not
need the OT to have slavery, weapons and force did that nicely, but
for some reason the OT not only supports it but sets up rules for it.

Fast forward a few THOUSAND years and finally enough people , even
religious people , find it simply seems wrong for one person to own
another, Why did it take THOUSANDS of years?

How did the followers of the Bible come to be able to disagree with gods  laws?
What was the process of god changing his mind? Why is it still the
case that many are still enslaved?
If its gods law that slavery should be in place why do folks seem to
think they can go against god, if its gods will to change his laws why
are there still salves?

In a similar vein, the american slave issue took a nation shattering
civil war to get some fixin and then ANOTHER 100 goes by and still
vast gulfs in equality where in play. Why was it when the Rev Dr
Martin Luther King took on the cause of his heart he did so in direct
OPPOSITION to many of the leaders of the nations churches? Was the god
touching Dr Kings heart in the real rule or was it the god in the
hearts of the lynch tolerant religious leadership or was it the god in
the hearts and will of the good bible quoting Christian folk calling
for  the darkies to sit down in the back of the bus and shutup or they
would turn them dogs on em sure enough?

At the very best religious folks have a very messy  communication problem.

So lets see, you do not NEED a religion to do good stuff, you do not
NEED a religion to do bad stuff....seems like a clear case of system
bloat to me. On this list I think we can see which way winds that


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