Confession Re: [FoRK] "Peace and Love"

Corinna Schultz <corinna.schultz at> on Thu Dec 20 15:34:22 PST 2007

Do you really not understand that difference between epistemology and
ontology? (And phenomenology, too, for that matter?) And why those
differences are relevant?

Or are you just being a jerk, here?

On Dec 20, 2007 2:34 PM, Sat N <sateesh.narahari at> wrote:
> > > I rest my case.
> >
> > To be clear, there's actually both an ontological and epistemological
> > problem here.  The latter's hopefully obviously clear;  I'll digress
> > on the former if anybody's confused about THAT.
> >
> Not sure about ontological and epistemological porblems, but there
> sure is a Gobbledygookical and bullshitological problem here.

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